Samson Airline 77 Guitar Wireless System Review


Highest Rated Wireless Guitar System from Samson Technologies



This is a guitar wireless system with Gibson-style transmitter of which the pack includes a variety of accessories.

The model is lightweight and convenient, as pointed out by the many positive reviews it has gathered.

Samson is one of the most trusted manufacturers of wireless microphone technologies.

The AirLine guitar transmitter is the perfect fit for most straight-angle jacks.

The receiver is known for its strong signal as well as for its flexible connection.



Even though it might be hard to believe, we have come across no negative mention related to this wireless guitar system. Most reviews depict it as a high-quality product that does exactly what it is supposed to do, which leads us to believe it’s one of the most acclaimed ones on the market today. It’s practically impossible to gather no negative rating from customers, but this unit has managed to do precisely that.


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Benefits Explained

The pack includes the actual AG1 AirLine guitar transmitter complete with the CR77 UHF receiver, as well as a user manual, an AC adapter and a ¼-inch to ¼-inch cable. The system comes with frequency control and the receiver is known for being impressively versatile, as it has multi-segment audio level, RF level and A/B antenna operation LED meters.


Carrying a heavy wireless guitar system around is pretty inconvenient, particularly considering that guitar and bass players are known to become fond of their equipment. Fortunately, this one weighs in at only 2.5 pounds and measures 12 inches by 3 inches by 9 inches. The size and weight of the unit make it one of the most user-friendly products in the line.


Choosing Samson means choosing high quality at an affordable price. The brand has been manufacturing electronics ever since the 1980s and during this time it has managed to gather a high degree of appreciation on the part of its American customers. The audio solutions developed and offered by this company are known for their fidelity and reliability. They’re used by a wide variety of professionals, from educators and artists to performers and sports instructors.


All that buyers need to do in order to use this model is plug the guitar transmitter directly into the jack of their guitars. Say hello to wireless freedom and goodbye to beltpacks! The transmitter is convenient and works with affordable AAA batteries of which the lifetime can last up to 14 hours. This leads us to believe that this might be the best wireless guitar system from Samson Technologies.


The rear panel on this model features both balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼-inch outputs. This is what allows customers to benefit from flexible connection options. The control circuitry of the PLL frequency is the one that keeps the signal locked.



Samson Airline 77 guitar wireless system reviews highly recommend the model for any guitar or bass player who wants to get rid of cable clutter and benefit from enhanced mobility.


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