Samsung HW-J6500 Review

1.1 Samsung HW-J6500



Amazing performance

Considering that the Samsung HW-J6500 is a 6.1-channel sound bar, it goes without saying that it knows how to offer room-filling sound. What’s more, the model comes with a wireless subwoofer. In addition, the system features a slim and sleek design and can be mounted on a wall just like installed below or above one’s TV. As it was to be expected, the Samsung HW-J6500 is compatible with a wide array of TVs and various other media streaming devices, not all of which have to have been manufactured by Samsung.


Enjoy the advantage of Wireless connectivity

Almost all modern sound bars feature Wireless or Bluetooth, and this one is one of the best when it comes to making use of the internet connection you have in your home. Both the base unit and the subwoofer are wireless. On the one hand, this means you won’t have to go through any trouble in order to control the bass via the central unit. Plus, you won’t even need a cable between the sound bar and the subwoofer. Pairing the device with another Samsung TV is as easy as pie, as the system relies on TV Sound Connect to determine whether any 2013 to 2015 televisions from the brand are anywhere nearby. Moreover, the HW-J6500 can be paired with virtually any mobile device and even controlled using the latter.


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Excellent sound quality doesn’t have to come at a cost

The neat thing about the Samsung HW-J6500 is that it features Surround Sound Expansion. What this means for you is that you’ll finally be able to experience the power and depth of sounds coming from your TV or device of your choice. This is not a home theater system and so it doesn’t come with the number of speakers one might need in order to experience surround sound. However, the HW-J6500 is very good at its job, in that it features a unique technology developed by the brand that makes it possible for viewers to feel like the sounds are coming from various points in their room.

1.3 Samsung HW-J6500


Is compatible with a plethora of media files formats

When it comes to connectivity, nothing beats the HW-J6500. Aside from the wireless advantage that allows buyers to stream content via their music players or mobile devices of their choice, another reason to check out this option is that it supports a myriad of file formats, ranging from MP3 to FLAC and AIFF. What’s more, the sound bar comes with an HDMI output along with USB, optical, AUX, and HDMI cables. All this and the fact that it supports Dolby Digital 5.1 make it an alternative worth considering.




The installation process might pose some difficulties to users who aren’t tech-savvy.



Our verdict

In a nutshell, the HW-J6500 has almost all the features an audiophile interested in purchasing a convenient sound bar wants to get. It has a wireless subwoofer, supports Bluetooth 3.0, offers a lot of freedom with regard to connectivity, and most of all provides amazing sound quality.


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