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Tips for Buying the Right Small Bluetooth Mouse


A Bluetooth mouse is a convenient tool that is designed to be slim, sleek, and easy to use. The compact device can help you improve your efficiency on the computer, and the best small Bluetooth mouse will also include all of the functions you need to complete tasks and start applications. While a Bluetooth mouse is a convenient way to communicate with your computer, there are a few factors to consider. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide, you will be able to confidently choose the best Bluetooth mouse in 2018.

A. Small Bluetooth Mouse

What to look for when buying a small Bluetooth mouse?



Small gaming Bluetooth mouse reviews all state that accuracy is one of the most important considerations. If the mouse cannot accurately click on a target, it can become a major problem for gamers trying to get through a level. The accuracy of the mouse is determined by the optical sensor and the type of surface that it is on. If you plan on using the mouse in different settings, you will want to find a small Bluetooth mouse that is accurate on all types of surfaces. Gamers also want to pay particular attention to the dpi scale, and look for mice with 1,600 dpi to 1,800 dpi to ensure accuracy and control.



You also want to consider the design of the mouse to ensure that it is functional. Larger Bluetooth mice might include more functions, but the bulkier design can make it awkward to carry. Smaller models often slip easily into your pocket, but may lack the additional buttons you need for your applications. Your budget will also help you decide on the design and number of functions.



One aspect that is often overlooked until it is too late is how comfortable the mouse is to use. Left hand computers users often find Bluetooth mice that include programmable functions more comfortable than basic two button models, while devices with a flat side can prevent wrist fatigue. In most cases it is up to the individual user to decide which small Bluetooth mouse is the most comfortable to use.


Top Rated Small Bluetooth Mice in 2018


Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse


1.Microsoft Small Bluetooth MouseThis small Bluetooth mouse is designed for comfort and functionality. The sloped surface fits comfortable in your hand, and the buttons are placed for easy and intuitive access. The device is compatible with most tablets, and it is also designed for easy portability. Since you don’t need a receiver you can instantly connect to your PC or tablet anywhere, and the mouse can track on almost any surface.

Designed for use with Windows, you will love how easy it is to access your apps on the opening screen. The sleek mouse features four-way scrolling, along with the convenient blue touch tab. Switch effortlessly between the starting screen and open apps, and with the advantage of being able to scroll in 4 directions it will only take seconds for you to find exactly what you want.

With the scooped side designed for additional comfort, and its easy functionality this small Bluetooth mouse can help you improve your efficiency and productivity. Access files and scroll effortlessly through all of your open apps, and since the mouse instantly connects without a dongle you have the advantage of an open USB port to attach other devices.

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Adesso IMOUSE S100 Mini Mouse


2.Adesso Small Bluetooth MouseOne of the first aspects you’ll notice about this small Bluetooth mouse is its sleek portable design. This device is will slip easily into your pocket or computer bag, and you have the advantage of its compact wireless design. You can connect instantly to your laptop or tablet, and it is also compatible with Windows 8. With the ability to work on a number of different surfaces, it is easy to see why this device is a consumer favorite.

The three control buttons are comfortably placed for easy finger access, and the scroll wheel quickly navigates across the screen. With 1000 dpi for quick and precise control, you don’t have to worry about losing your cursor on the screen. Scroll through pages of texts and navigate through all of your apps, this Bluetooth mouse also has the control gamers need to successfully make it through different levels.

Featuring an affordable price, this small Bluetooth mouse also uses two inexpensive AAA batteries for long lasting power. It is designed to be portable, durable, and fully functional on all types of surfaces. Whether you are a student, gamer, or need a reliable mouse for work, this small Bluetooth enabled device might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Ckeyin Smart Optical Mini Mouse


3.Ckeyin Small Bluetooth MouseWith its compact and functional design this reliable small Bluetooth mouse is perfect for frequent travelers. Measuring only 81mm and extremely lightweight, you can easily carry this device in your pocket or shoulder bag. The cordless design is convenient, and you will also appreciate its ability to instantly connect to your device. The small mouse is compatible with operating systems making it extremely convenient and functional.

This mouse will control almost all Bluetooth enabled devices, including smart TVs and iPhones. You will love being able to use one mouse for your android, Windows, and Mac devices, along with its ability to still function up to 30 feet away. Scroll through menus and open apps with the scroll wheel, and the two front placed buttons are easy and comfortable to reach.

You also have the advantage of the power saving mode which lets you conserve battery power, along with its comfortable design. Even though this Bluetooth mouse is designed for easy portability, it also fits comfortably in your hand. Easy to set up and install, you will appreciate the convenience of this Bluetooth mouse every time you travel.

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A small Bluetooth mouse can improve your productivity and efficiency, but you also want to ensure that it is comfortable and functional. While there are several devices to choose from, there are two that should be considered. The Microsoft Small Bluetooth Mouse and the Adesso Small Bluetooth Mouse are portable, functional, and accurate, and one of these devices might also be comfortable for you to use.