Sony CFDS05 Boombox Speaker System Review

Which Is the Best Boombox from Sony


1. Sony CFDS05Pros

The Sony CFDS05 lets you enjoy your collection of CDs, DVDs and cassettes.

This is the best boombox from Sony that also lets you enjoy portability for your on-the-go music lifestyle.

The Sony CFDS05 also provides an awesome radio station listening experience.

The boombox delivers exceptional audio quality thanks to the Reflex Sound System with Mega Bass.

The unit features superb controllability and ease of use.



One of the Sony CFDS05 boombox speaker system reviews says the unit does not come with a remote and a “sleep” feature, and the CD player can’t play back MP3 discs.

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Main Features Explained

This portable radio lets you play CDs, CD-R/RW discs, DVDs and cassettes. This means you have a wide array of audio sources to listen to so you can make the most of your music collection by playing your sounds on the Sony CFDS05 CD Radio Cassette Recorder Boombox Speaker System. The CD player comes with cool modes that let you repeat tracks, repeat the entire disc, shuffle tracks or program the playing sequence to your preference. You can play both professionally-made CD copies and the ones you made yourself.

2. Sony CFDS05

Weighing in at just 6 pounds, the Sony CFDS05 boombox speaker system lets you bring your musical lifestyle with you anywhere. This compact appliance lets you enjoy portability with all the options. The built-in speakers allow you to enjoy the soundtrack of your life on the go so you always have what the music you need for your specific activity. You’ll love having this portable radio constantly by your side with its array of electronic functions.


Listen to your favorite radio talk shows and music programs with the digital radio AM and FM tuner of the Sony CFDS05 boombox speaker system. Dub music on blank cassettes to expand your music library even more. The digital display with unlit background lets you easily see what station you’re on. The Sony CFDS05 boombox speaker system is the best wired boombox that offers wired AC connectivity for continuous music listening. The digital tuner is capable of picking up even those hard-to-pull-in stations. Choose your own presets for quick station recall


Get exceptional audio quality that is full and crisp. The Sony Mega Bass feature lets you listen to awesome bass sound from this portable sound machine. The Aux-In works smoothly with your MP3 player for even more functionality.


The digital volume control lets you set the precise levels you want to suit your mood. At the touch of a button, you can set the CD playing mode, the volume level, choose the radio station, play your CDs, select your preset stations, use the Mega Bass sound enhancement, and simply enjoy that level of music enjoyment you want.



You will love how the Sony CFDS05 boombox speaker system showcases your favorite tracks with its awesome CD player modes. The aux-in feature lets you enjoy your MP3 library fully, and the digital radio tuner allows you to pull in your favorite radio stations for a variety of radio talk shows and music programs.


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