Sony CFDS50 Review


Best Rated Boombox from Sony


1.1 Sony CFDS50


Main advantage

This portable boombox ensures a great listening experience at home or on the go. It is capable of producing rich clean sounds, and you can even enhance the bass simply by pressing a button. Listen to radio stations, CDs and even cassette tapes, and since it can run on electric or battery power this boombox is always ready to play.


Main disadvantage

Even though Sony is considered the best boombox brand there are still occasional complaints. Some consumers have mentioned that the CD player on the boombox does not record, but this does not affect its performance. It should be noted that you can record from the tape deck.


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Main features explained



One of the reasons this is the best boombox is its portable design. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry, and since it is capable of running off of battery or electric power you can listen to your music at home or away. It is capable of providing you with up to 19 hours of continuous play, and you will appreciate how easy it is to swap the batteries out. The compartment simply pops open and makes a noticeable “clicking” noise when it is securely closed.

1.3 Sony CFDS50



Even though this boombox comes in a compact size it is still capable of producing a rich, full sound. The small speakers are built into the boombox and sound great indoors and outside. You also have the advantage of the bass boost technology which allows you to enhance the quality of low frequency notes so you can enjoy rich, deep tones without interference. To further enhance the sound quality the speakers are encased in a bass reflex enclosure.



The CCFDS50 comes with everything you need to enjoy your favorite music and radio stations. You can preset up to 30 AM and FM stations at a time so you can easily choose the one you want with the touch of a button. The tape deck lets you play old favorites and record news one from the radio or a CD, and it also includes a disc player. You can play CDs that are studio or personally recorded, along with discs that contain MP3 files. The convenient controls make it easy to create a playlist or simply program the disc to play all the way through.



Sony has long been known for its quality boomboxes, radios, stereos and other electronic products, and the CFDS50 lives up to the brand’s reputation. Its portable design makes it perfect for use around the house or on the go, and it is capable of running off of electric or battery power. One of the factors that make this boombox stand out is its amazing sound quality. The bass reflex housing and sound boosting circuitry ensure rich, deep notes whether you are indoors or outside. You will also love being able to find your favorite radio station simply by pressing a button, along with listening to cassette tapes and CDs.


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