Sony HT-CT770 Review

1.1 Sony HT-CT770 2.1



The perfect alternative for large TVs

It’s hard to get the best sound quality from a large-sized TV nowadays, as manufacturers have gradually focused on designing these units as slim as possible, while sacrificing the efficiency of their speakers. Here’s where the Sony HT-CT770 comes in. With a length of 40.6 inches and a power output of 330W, this 2.1-channel sound bar allows audiophiles to have their cake and eat it, too. It seems to have been perfectly designed for TV systems of which the size is 46 inches or more.


Connectivity at its best

One of the main reasons you should consider buying a Sony sound bar or home theater system is that the brand’s units offer only the best in terms of connectivity. While some of the competitors of this option fail to provide the necessary inputs and outputs, this one allows owners to connect as many as three HDMI devices at the same time. Thus, one can now benefit from the convenience of connecting the TV, a Blu-ray player, and a game console to this sound bar. What’s more, the unit features an optical and an analog input.


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Sound bar performance doesn’t have to come at a cost

Since newer versions of this model are available out there, it goes without saying that this one is considerably more affordable than other alternatives. Depending on the online retailer of your preference, the device can be bought for as little as two hundred and fifty dollars and even less. Considering that it comes with its own wireless subwoofer, we say this cost isn’t too high for the advantages offered by such a high-quality sound-enhancing system.

1.2 Sony HT-CT770 2.1

Easy to install and operate

The HT-CT770 has one of the slimmest designs out there. Aside from its beautiful looks, the model offers all the powerful sound you may need without having to use separate speakers. Since the subwoofer it comes with is wireless, it can automatically lock onto the signal of the sound bar. Thanks to this product, you can finally say goodbye to cable clutter.


Free mobile app

The branded SongPal App is available to download both from the App Store and from Google Play, thus allowing iOS and Android users to take their audio experience to an entirely different level, without sacrificing anything in terms of sound quality. The content and the functionalities of the sound bar can be customized using the previously mentioned application.




Some of the people who have taken the time to review this product say that, in their opinion, the bass could be tighter. This issue has not been reported by too many owners, as the vast majority of the buyers seem to be perfectly satisfied with what the device has to offer for the money.



Our verdict

This 2.1-channel sound bar system raises up to par, as we’ve seen that many Amazon reviewers claim it has managed to exceed their expectations. It’s easy to use and install, and operation is a breeze. Additionally, it has a wireless subwoofer, something you’re likely to fail to find in similar products with the same price point.


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