Sony ZSH10CP Boombox Speaker System Review


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1.Sony ZSH10CPBenefits

The Sony ZSH10CP is truly made for a rugged, outdoorsy lifestyle.

This is the best CD boombox you can get that lets you enjoy your sounds from a wide range of audio sources.

This boombox has a small footprint.

The Bass Reflex Speaker System allows you to make the most of your music library.

With this terrific appliance, you also enjoy remarkable control and connectivity.



One of the Sony ZSH10CP boombox speaker system reviews says the unit uses a large power adapter instead of a standard power cord.


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Benefits Explained

  • This is the best boombox from Sony for people who like taking their outdoor entertainment a notch higher. It is a water and dust resistant boombox designed with outdoor durability. It is built with a protective safe guard bar and a speaker guard that give the Sony ZSH10CP boombox speaker system a rugged construction to efficiently handle outside settings. The Sony ZSH10CP’s protective safeguard bar keeps the unit shielded from falling debris and stacking items. The speaker guard protects the speakers from water and dust that could ruin the system. The high-impact plastic housing keeps dirt, moisture and water out, as it is built with waterproof seals, bushings and rubber gaskets.

2. Sony ZSH10CP

  • Enjoy your huge collection of CDs to make every workday more fun with the Sony ZSH10CP. The unit is outfitted with a CD player that features multiple play modes and the exclusive ESP-2 anti-shock playback protection. The play modes enable you to listen to songs in sequence as they have been recorded, all tracks in random (shuffle) order, in program (RMS) order, or a single track played repeatedly. The four-line LCD screen shows you the track information. The onboard SonicStage music software ships with the Sony ZSH10CP, which allows you to compile your own MP3 playback with ID3 Tag and to mix your own CDs. You can burn and playback your collection of MP3s. The Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner enables you to enjoy accurate, drift-free AM and FM radio station tuning so you can listen to a wide variety of radio music programs and talk shows, supplemented by stereo sound. The 30 station presets provide effortless station recall.


  • The Sony ZSH10CP is built with a small footprint that allows it to fit into most shelves, enhancing its usability in outdoor and work environments. You can bring this boombox to the backyard, jobsite or workshop. The oversized handle makes the boombox easy to transport.


  • Engineered with Sony’s Bass Reflex Speaker System, the boombox lets you enjoy rich, powerful sound. Get rich, deep, bass tones that ensure a powerful overall sound with headphones-free listening. This boombox is built to withstand the elements without compromising on sound quality. To kick the sound up a notch higher, the boombox also has Mega Bass sound enhancement.


  • The line-in jack lets you connect other portable digital music devices for playing via the radio’s speakers. The large controls allow problem-free operation even when you’re wearing thick gloves.



Built for the rugged lifestyle without sacrificing sound quality, the Sony ZSH10CP allows you to take your sound wherever you go. It features large controls, an awesome Bass Reflex Speaker System, the Mega Bass sound enhancement, a digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner, a CD player, and a line-in jack for connecting to other portable digital music devices.


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