Sport-Brella Beach Chair Review



1. Sport-Brella Beach ChairBenefits

As stated in the Sport-Brella beach chair reviews it features a lightweight and durable construction that is easily portable.

This comfortable beach chair is perfect for lounging by the pool or at the beach.

Often considered the best beach chair from Sport-Brella you will appreciate the included umbrella that can be easily attached.

Designed to be comfortable and protect you from harmful UV rays, this beach chair also includes several convenient features.



It should be noted that this chair is constructed from waterproof fabric, which can cause water to pool in the seat if your swimsuit is still wet when you sit down.


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Benefits Explained


Constructed from durable canvas and nylon this beach chair is designed to last. The durable material is waterproof and the sturdy steel frame can support up to 300 pounds. The shade umbrella is easy to connect to the chair, and features a durable lining that provides extra protection from the sun. The chair is also easy to fold for convenient storage, and the included bag is perfect for traveling.

2. Sport-Brella Beach Chair

Weighing only 8 pounds this lightweight chair is easily portable, and it also features a comfortable design. Since it sits lower to the ground you can comfortably stretch your legs to relax in the warm sand, and the collapsible arms provide plenty of support. You also have the advantage of the included umbrella that will help you stay cool in the hot summer sun.


The included umbrella is incredibly easy to attach, and can swivel 360 degrees for all day protection from the hot sun. It is close to 4 feet in diameter to shade your whole body, and you also have the advantage of the UPF rating of 50+ for maximum protection from damaging UV rays. The two side buttons make it easy to adjust the position of the umbrella without getting up, and it also folds with the chair for easy portability.


Along with the protective shade umbrella this beach chair also includes several convenient features. The zippered pocket is perfect for storing personal items, and the waterproof material will keep everything safe and dry. There is also a cup holder to keep your drinks off of the ground, and to make it easier to reach without having to get up. The beach chair also includes a convenient storage bag that is large enough for the umbrella, and makes it extremely easy to take the chair with you for a day at the pool or beach.


This might be the best beach chair with an umbrella, and it features a lightweight and durable design. The lightweight frame is designed to support up to 300 pounds, and the durable material is resistant to tears. You will love being able to attach the umbrella to either side of the chair, so you can easily have protection from the sun exactly where you need it. Affordably priced and with an included warranty, this beach chair might be exactly what you need the next time you are relaxing by the water.


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