Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle Review


Most Appreciated Pilates Ring from Stamina


1. Stamina AeroPilates Magic CircleBenefits

If you are looking for the best pilates ring from Stamina, this model will satisfy all your needs, as it is a professional grade fitness ring, designed specifically for advanced users.

The ring is made of nonporous material that doesn’t break or change its shape, even with extensive use.

The molded padding offers extra comfort and convenience for all users.

An instructional DVD is included, to help you maximize the effects of your workout.

The resistance ring is covered in soft rubber, offering you the ability to focus on various areas that need toning.



Although the vast majority of Stamina AeroPilates magic circle reviews praise this model for its sturdiness, versatility and comfort provided, there is a minor complaint that appears from time to time. This complaint is related to the amount of resistance provided, and it is usually mentioned by seasoned users, which usually need to increase the resistance provided by their equipment, in order to strengthen their muscles more. However, for them, weight training equipment may do a much better job than any kind of fitness rings that are not designed to provide more than moderate resistance.


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Benefits explained

Many advanced users look for certain aspects in their fitness rings, and the Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle is capable of offering what they need. Made according to a professional design, and using nothing but the best quality materials, this model is, indeed, a great choice for fitness enthusiasts with a knack for Pilates.

2. Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle

The material the ring is made of is nonporous, and it does not allow moisture to enter its structure, which in time, leads to incomparable resistance. The number one reason why other fitness rings bend too much or become deformed with time is because moisture starts deprecating the material, making it more frail and brittle. The Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle experiences no such problems, which is why it is so sturdy and reliable.


The padding is very important for a magic ring. It offers the user the possibility to work against the resistance of the ring, in order to tone their muscles, in perfect comfort. Extra attention was obviously employed in the design and construction of the padding that ensures that you can exercise and focus on the areas you need to tone, without worrying about any discomfort.


The model reviewed here is considered the best professional pilates ring with DVD, as it comes along with a workout DVD, offering you important information for maximizing the beneficial effects of your exercises. The exercises are explained in an easy to understand manner, within 23 minutes, thus avoiding to become too boring or too difficult for the user.


Users will also appreciate the soft rubber the ring is covered with, as it adds to the overall comfort. You will notice that you will not experience the strain caused by metal rings, and you will be able to perform your exercises for a long time.



It is not always easy to find a good and reliable fitness ring, but the Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle offers all the needed comfort, reliability and versatility expected in a professional grade piece of equipment for Pilates exercises.


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