TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth Mouse Review


Most Appreciated Bluetooth Mouse from TeckNet


2. TeckNet® BM306Benefits

This is the best Bluetooth mouse from TeckNet due to how it is able to directly connect to Bluetooth-enabled notebooks or PC without having to use a receiver.

The 15-month battery life is a huge come-on.

The mouse offers three DPI selections so you can work at the pace you prefer.

The mouse adopts the Bluetooth 2.4-GHz technology.

This is a simple but reliable mouse that is powered by easy-to-purchase AA batteries.



One of the TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth mouse reviews says the device goes to sleep after about five minutes of zero movement, but this is the mouse’s way of conserving battery life.


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Benefits Explained

  • You won’t need a receiver to connect directly to any Bluetooth-enabled PC or notebook when using the TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth mouse. This mouse doesn’t even need to be fed cheese just to do its jobs most efficiently. It works with Bluetooth-enabled computers running Windows Vista, XP, 2008, 7 and 8. The lightweight and medium-sized mouse connects easily to a Macbook Pro. Users have even lauded how the mouse works seamlessly with Android 4.4 and CentOS Linux.

1. TeckNet® BM306

  • You could easily forget that this device runs on one battery due to its superb 15-month battery life. That means you can have peace of mind that you can complete days of computing tasks without being caught with a dead mouse. The TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth mouse outperforms even the Energizer bunny with its excellent use of battery life. It has a sleep feature that preserves battery life most efficiently. The battery indicator light lets you know when it’s time to get a battery replacement, so you can change the fuel cells in a timely manner.


  • The TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth mouse provides 3 DPI selections. Choose from 2000, 1500 and 1000 to select your cursor speed. The left and right click buttons are great. You can choose to click the center mouse wheel, use the thumb buttons at will or do scrolling. This is truly the best wireless mouse with 6 buttons, as it gives you the exact effect you expect, is very convenient and is made more comfortable to use with its contoured body and soft rubber grips. It also offers 3 million clicks during its lifetime.


  • By adopting the revolutionary 2.4 GHz technology, the TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth mouse offers a working distance that can reach from 8 meters to 15 meters. The 2.4 GHz technology offers a more comfortable, convenient and exact effect compared to a regular FM radio mouse. The 130 Hz polling rate improves precision without using more CPU resources.


  • The mouse uses one AA size battery, which is quite easy to source. It has a working current of 7.2mA, and also comes with Auto Power Off (APO) so it can switched off automatically.



You will surely love the TeckNet BM306 Bluetooth mouse that comes with 6 buttons, a 15-month battery life supplemented by a battery life indicator light, and an interference-free 2.4 GHz technology. Using just one AA size battery, the mouse can go on and on to help you complete your computing tasks with ease.

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