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Back in the day, a pen and paper represented everything you needed to take notes, doodle, play games with your friends, draw, write, and more. However, since we stepped into a new era with increased pollution and care for the surrounding environment, constantly buying paper creates more waste and reduces the surface of woods. Woods are vital for our survival as a species on this Earth, so we should at least consider harming less the environment, and adopt new ways to fit our needs. The digital writing boards represent the products that revolutionized the way we thought about the paper and allowed us to step into the new era of paperless technology. If you’re looking for such a device, you should consider the Boogie Board PT01085BLKA0002 writing tablet in black because it is super lightweight, can be easily carried around in backpacks, can be used at school, and can be used by anyone because of its intuitive design. If this particular model is not available for sale, you should try the Boogie Board PT01085CYAA0002 writing tablet in cyan for a change.



Buying Guide


Are you drowning in notes written on old-fashioned paper and feel like you’re ready to put it all behind by buying a boogie board but you you’re wondering which one will fit your needs  best? The next buying guide will put things into perspective for you and help you make the right choice by going through the best options in the market while pointing out what features you should have in mind before making the call.

Ability to Save Content

Although it is true that the occasional doodles you might find yourself drawing might not really qualify as savable material, before deciding to place an order make sure that the model you set your mind on offers the option of saving the created content one way or the other.

It goes without saying that although the prospect of being able to clear the now virtual page before your eyes with just the touch of a button may seem appealing, being able to go back and see the ideas you have previously jotted down is, above all, a practical feature that the best boogie board for adults should offer.

Moreover, the benefit of accessing the content by using your mobile phone is even more appealing and might turn out to be a life saver when you least expect.



What is the best boogie board to buy? Well, probably one that is light, easy to carry around and that can fit in any bag or backpack. Let’s be honest, the lure of the boogie board comes from the fact that it seems a good alternative for the heavy, not that appealing looking notebooks we’ve all carried around with us and shamefully took out every time we thought we had to pen an idea down. So, make sure the model you choose is compact and easy to take anywhere.



Due to the fact that your new boogie board will most probably be the one device that will not leave the contents of your bag/backpack, be selective when it comes to the material the device is made out of.

We’ve all had those days when everything seems to slip from our hands, no matter how careful we try to be! To save yourself from any risks, the best solution might be to go for a model made out of durable, plastic materials as it is both safe in the hands of clumsy users but also light.



Differently from other devices you are using, boogie boards are not actually appliances that are rechargeable. All models are battery based and allow for a number of uses before eventually completely wearing out. The average life span is of approximately 2 years and to cut it short, there’s no really a way of dodging this. However, there’s a trick you should keep your eyes on. Although not all, some boogie boards models enable owners to replace the battery when its life runs out.

So, before buying one, explore the market and be sure that the boogie board of your choosing allows you to replace the battery so that you buy your device for a few more years.


Final Thoughts

All in all, you should always have in mind that buyer ratings are always the best guide one can consider. No matter if you are familiar with the brand or not, figures never lie and might serve as a final test for the product before placing an order. As you go through them, pay special attention to those reviews that outline not only the good but also the bad, as they are probably the most honest. Try to not get caught in the overly dramatic responses some users might have left and keep an objective standpoint. However, red flags should go up if a specific problem is mentioned repeatedly.


Top Boogie Boards in 2018


Moreover, try to pay attention to the price-value ratio as this could be a good indicator of the quality of the model. As we can imagine how difficult it might be for you to decide, to make your search easier, the best boogie board are showcased below.



Boogie Board PT01085BLKA0002


As one of the best alternatives for those who don’t mind investing money in a quality product, the Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet is one of the best ranked boogie boards out there. What makes this model stand out however is the fact that Sealed 3V watch battery never needs replacing, therefore, the Boogie Board PT01085BLKA0002 provides more than 50.000 erasing cycles.

If you like writing notes or making lists that don’t need saving but dread the sight of paper, this might be just the model you need. As buyer feedback shows, this boogie board is worth the money. Made from resistant, non-toxic materials, the product is safe for school use and extremely practical. Even more, according to users, the display does not lose its properties in time and the screen is wide enough for day-to-day task writing.

As a bonus, the Boogie Board PT01085BLKA0002 is supplied with magnets that make it easy for the unit to fit on magnetic surfaces such as the fridge. Therefore, this model is ideal as an at-home appliance that can bring the whole family together by providing a nice medium of communication that is both efficient and fun.

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Boogie Board PT01085CYAA0002


The product features a large writing surface of 8.5 inches and is a revolutionary way to write down your thoughts, play games, write memos, and keep track of your agenda, without the need of actual paper to do so. After writing down using the Stylus digital pen, you can easily delete the entire image by simply pressing a button.

The product is sealed with a 3V watch battery that will never require replacing. The tablet is also very lightweight, which means you can easily carry it around with you everywhere you go. Purses, briefcases, backpacks – the Boogie Board is ready to keep you company and test your creativity.

The case and the LCD of this product are made from top-quality plastic which is durable and reliable. This makes the Boogie Board the perfect item to take away to school, use at the office, in the house or even in your car. It can prove the ideal item for your toddlers to start doodling or for pre-schoolers to learn the alphabet and develop their imagination through drawing.

What we liked the most about this item is that you can use almost anything to write with, not just the included Stylus. If you press hard enough, you can even use your fingers, without worrying about messy markers or gel pens.

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Ultra-thin, and one of the lightest from its category, the NewYes LYSB01ICP1ISC is a good option you should have in mind as the modern design makes this model appealing for all those in search of a new trendy device.

Made from durable plastic, the best feature of this model is that the tablet’s pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of varying thickness based on how hard one pushes, making the whole experience of using it close to the old pen and paper one.

The battery allows for 500.000 erases before dying. However, the feature that makes the NewYes 8.5-Inch LCD Writing tablet a smart buy is the fact that it comes equipped with an extra battery that allows you to avoid being bothered by finding a compatible match later on.

Although it does not allow you to save the created content, this model was considered, by a significant number of buyers a good gift idea, especially for children. Furthermore, the NewYes LYSB01ICP1ISC is one of the best priced products of this type and should beyond any doubt be considered by anyone looking for an alternative to pen and paper and, why not, by anyone trying to save the planet by preventing deforestation.

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Boogie Board Jot


If you are on the look for a boogie board that is both fun and reliable, this is the one for you, the Boogie Board Jot 8.5″ E-Writer Paperless Memo Pad is one of those few models that have it all.

Maybe one of the most appealing features that this product has to offer is that the device has a personalized app that gives you the option of not only saving but also editing your notes . This product is an ideal model for those looking for a boogie board that can be used for work purposes. Upon saving, the content can be effortlessly viewed from your mobile phone.

Made from sturdy materials, light, and with a clean cut design, the Boogie Board Jot 8.5″ E-Writer Paperless Memo Pad is also a good suit as a family device, and the additional magnets making it easy to display and use. Not only will you be able to save your work ideas, but you’ll also have the choice to save your children’s latest drawings and share them with your loved ones.

What is more, the Boogie Board Jot 8.5″ E-Writer Paperless Memo Pad comes with an additional sleeve, which means you can safely store it in-between uses.

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