Toto Drake Toilet Review


Most Appreciated Elongated Toilet from Toto


1.TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tan, Cotton WhiteBenefits

As stated in the TOTO Drake toilet reviews you have the advantage of the quiet and powerful flushing system.

This contemporary style toilet is designed to look great in any bathroom, and is also comfortable to use.

Often considered the best toilet from TOTO it features a wider flush valve for more efficient waste removal.

You will appreciate the simple and quick installation, along with how easy it is to keep this toilet looking like new.



While this is one of the best elongated toilets, it should be mentioned that the longer design might not be ideal for smaller hall and guest bathrooms.


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  • This two piece toilet is Water Sense certified and able to effectively remove liquid and solid waste with just one flush. You have the advantage of the professional grade flushing system that releases a powerful stream of water to scrub away waste, along with the trap that is wider than other models. The trap is also glazed to allow liquids and solids to slide easily through, and you will also appreciate how quiet the toilet is when you flush.

2.TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tan, Cotton White

  • You have the advantage of the elongated design that provides a comfortable seat, and the contemporary style that looks great in any bathroom. The high profile design also helps the toilet fit easily into tight spaces, along with giving you a comfortable back rest when you need it. The higher design can also make it easier to get back into a standing position, along with preventing any leg fatigue that can occur when you are sitting for longer periods.


  • Not only is this two piece toilet designed to efficiently remove waste products and conserve water, but it also features a wider trap for more effective removal of solids. The trap measures 2-1/8 inches and is glazed to allow waste to flow easily through. Not only does this help to ensure that one flush is all that you need, the smooth trap way can also prevent messy clogs.


  • This two piece toilet is easy to assemble and install, and you will also appreciate how simple it is to keep the bowl and tank clean. The wide 3 inch flushing valve helps to ensure enough water is released to effectively remove solids and scrub away stains, while the computer designed trap prevents messy overflows and clogs. The water also helps to remove stains and bacteria from underneath the rim, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning this toilet. Constructed from vitreous china, you will also appreciate its durable design.


This elongated toilet is designed to be durable, efficient, and look great in your bathroom. It features a powerful flushing system that also helps to conserve water, and it is also incredibly quiet to use. You will love how efficient the toilet is at removing liquids and solids, and you also have the benefit of the included 5 year warranty for additional peace of mind.


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