Tour Hockey TR440 Adult Hockey Skate Review


Most Appreciated Hockey Skates from Tour Hockey


1.Tour Hockey TR440 Adult Hockey Skate- SPR 3topBenefits

As stated in the Tour Hockey TR440 Adult hockey skate reviews this pair will provide plenty of ankle support.

Designed to be comfortable, even after hours on the ice, it’s easy to see why these are the best hockey skates from Tour Hockey.

These skates feature a professional and stylish design that looks great on the ice.

The carbon steel blade is great for beginning skaters, and can make it easier to glide smoothly across the ice.



It should be noted that these skates do run wider than other name brand pairs, which should be considered before you select the appropriate size.


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Benefits Explained

  • Ankle support is important when you are out on the ice, especially for beginners who are still trying to find their balance. Along with the front lacing system that can be tightened for comfortable support, these hockey skates are also reinforced in the ankle. This makes it easier to stand up without turning your ankles, and can give you the added stability you need to skate a complete circle around the rink.

2.Tour Hockey TR440 Adult Hockey Skate- SPR 3top

  • Ice skating can be uncomfortable and even painful if your skates do not have plenty of padding and support. The high back and tongue will support your ankles while you are skating, and your feet will appreciate the cushioned foam foot bed. There is also padding for additional comfort, along with a soft foam lining. Perfect for beginners who need plenty of practice, these skates will keep your feet comfortable even after spending hours on the ice.


  • One of the reasons these ice skates are so popular is its stylish and professional design. While you might still be learning how to successfully skate around the rink, your feet will look great while you are practicing. The one piece construction makes the skates easy to put on, and its simplistic design will make you look like a professional. The gray and black colors also match almost any outfit, which is always a bonus for fashion conscious skaters.


  • These comfortable and supportive ice skates also feature a blade constructed from durable carbon steel. It is designed to hold its edge longer which makes it easier to glide across the ice, so you can concentrate on keeping your balance. Carbon steel is also resistant to breaking which is always an advantage, though it should be noted that you do have to dry the blade after use to prevent rust and corrosion.


These hockey skates are perfect for beginners and more experienced skaters. The skates feature a stylish and durable design that is also supportive and comfortable to wear. The tall back and tongue provide the necessary support for your ankles, and you also have the advantage of the reinforced sides for added stability. The blade is constructed from carbon steel and is resistant to breakage, and it will also hold its edge so you can easily glide across the ice. Affordably priced and incredibly comfortable to wear, there is very little not to like about these hockey skates.


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