TYR Sport Competitor Trisuit Review


Most Appreciated Trisuit from TYR


1.TYR Sport Competitor TrisuitBenefits
This one’s probably the best trisuit from TYR.

The model is made of a combination between polyester and spandex, which makes it both versatile and skin-friendly.

This is a trisuit with front zipper, which comes with a large variety of attractive features.

According to TYR Sport Competitor trisuit reviews, this model is made of a great fabric combination and makes users a lot faster in the water.

This product can be purchased in a wide array of color variants.



While most customers speak highly of how this trisuit fits buyers according to the sizes provided by the manufacturers, some claim that it might not be the perfect fit for broad-shouldered individuals. Some female customers have complained about it being a little too tight around their arm pits, but others state the contrary. Aside from this detail, a large number of individuals have purchased this model and have used it efficiently for male and female adults and children.


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Benefits Explained

It’s pretty difficult to get an affordable trisuit that is well-made and that lasts through more than a couple of seasons. Yet this one manages to combine affordability with convenience and high-quality, as emphasized by various buyers’ opinions. If you want to get the bang for the buck, it sure wouldn’t hurt giving this one a shot, as it can cost around one hundred dollars depending on the size you’re interested in.

2.TYR Sport Competitor Trisuit

Polyester isn’t extraordinary if it’s used as the single fabric in a piece of clothing, but combining it with spandex makes it user-friendly. Spandex is currently being used in a wide variety of stylish and versatile outfits, and it is known for largely improving the skin friendliness of polyester. Choosing this model can give users the freedom to perform the movements they feel like while also the much needed comfort during fitness-related activities.


The model features pocket storage, a 10-inch locking zipper and a silicone beaded leg gripper, as well as graduated compression. As if that weren’t enough, the material is UPF50+.


Going through some customer reviews should play an important part in any prospecting buyer’s journey. The average rating of this unit on Amazon is 4.4 out of 5, which means that it has managed to gather some of the best reviews out there. The fabric combination makes it the perfect alternative for people who want to use it in the water.


Unlike other products in the same line, this one can be purchased in four color combos: black and blue, black and red, blue, and green. Available sizes include the extra-small, the small and the medium alternatives.



Judging by the customer reviews we have stumbled upon, this model is one of the most acclaimed ones on the market today. It has managed to gather the appreciation of many worldwide and American customers alike, and it’s generally thought of as being affordable, convenient and dependable. It has been used by children, adults and seniors and most of these buyers have provided positive opinions.


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