ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector Review


Most Appreciated Video Projector under 500 from Viewsonic



This is the best video projector from ViewSonic, because it combines affordability with convenience.

The product comes with a large array of attractive specs, including HDMI connectivity and superior colors.

A user’s electricity bills won’t suffer on account of owning and using this unit, as it has Dynamic Eco mode.

The manufacturers are offering an unbeatable customer warranty.

Compared to other units in the line, this one’s relatively small-sized and lightweight.



There have been some buyers who have pointed out that the fan is rather loud in standard mode and can be a nuisance for some users. Switching to economy mode has a notably positive impact and considerably decreases the fan noise. Doing so does not affect the overall brightness of the displayed image, as claimed by multiple customers.


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Benefits Explained

Personal budgets actually matter for the majority of people who purchase things online. That’s why it might be worth emphasizing that this is one of the top rated projectors under 500. Although it can be bought for a fair price particularly from retailers such as Amazon, it’s said to offer a great value. The device combines excellent audiovisual features and flexible connectivity specs with convenience, which is due to the projector size and weight.


The ViewSonic PJD5155 takes the cake when it comes to performance. This is a powerful video projector that delivers up to 3200 ANSI lumens and offers a contrast ratio of 15,000:1. The SuperColor technology is responsible for providing rich, superior colors. As for customization, buyers can choose between the 5 available view settings that can be utilized for different usage scenarios. The enlarged speaker chamber of the projector as well as the amplifier contribute to delivering excellent sound.


Dynamic Eco mode is easily accessible from the remote control. Using it leads to dimming the brightness by 70%. The mode gets automatically activated whenever the projector is idle. Thanks to this particular feature, the power consumption of the lamp is considerably lower, and therefore the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced and the life of the device is prolonged.


Customer warranty is a way through which manufacturers can show buyers that they actually care about them. In this case, the ViewSonic PJD5155 is protected by a 3-year warranty on parts and labor, a 1-year one on the lamp and an Express Exchange for the 1st year of ownership.


This Viewsonic unit weighs only 4.8 pounds and measures 9 by 12.4 by 14.1 inches. Considering this, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that it is one of the most lightweight products in the line and can thus be used efficiently both for homes and for businesses. Carrying it from one room to the other will not be a nuisance with this model.



ViewSonic PJD5155 projector reviews speak highly of the value offered for the price of this device. Since research needs to be a great part of any buying process, we’d say it sure wouldn’t hurt having a look at this model.

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