Vizio SV3851 Review

1.1 VIZIO SB3851-C0



Comes with all you might need

This option is one of the few complete packages we’ve come across, as it is composed of a 5.1-channel sound bar as well as a subwoofer and satellite speakers. In order to function, the subwoofer relies on the wireless network connectivity that the user has in his or her home. Considering the fact that the model makes it a breeze to listen to music or the audio from movies, sports, and virtually any other type of TV broadcasts, it’s safe to say that it is worth considering.


One of the most affordable options out there

Americans know that Vizio is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry of audio and video equipment these days. What they might not be aware of, however, is the fact that this 100% American brand is set on designing and building products that offer all the advantages the end-user might require without forcing him or her to break the bank. In other words, this soundbar can be purchased at an incredible price, and one that doesn’t even come near the cost of a similar LG or Samsung product.


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Convenience is a core feature of the SV3851

One of the neatest thing about this system is that it is very easy to install and work with. The setup process doesn’t pose any technical difficulties to the soundbar owners, regardless of whether they are tech-savvy or not. What’s more, considering that the system comes with built-in Bluetooth and Wireless capabilities, it goes without saying that it takes the cake when it comes to streaming music to wireless headphones and thus allowing people to tend to their chores and daily activities in other rooms of the house.

1.2 VIZIO SB3851-C0

Unparalleled performance offering amazing benefits

In the end, one of the most important features of a soundbar is the audio quality. With the 5.1 surround sound of this option, it goes without saying that buyers shouldn’t worry about the booming sound and excellent quality. If you’re no fan of having too many speakers in your living room but are keen on the idea of getting a home theater system, perhaps you’d be better off with the Vizio SV3851. It can do the same thing as high-end home theater alternatives without sacrificing anything regarding space. Besides, it can be wall-mounted.




Some owners have complained about a few minor glitches that may come up with the firmware. Fortunately, the Vizio website is very helpful and makes it fairly easy for any user to install the latest firmware upgrades so that the device is perfectly tailored to the expectation of the person utilizing it.

Other people say that it might have been easier for them if the subwoofer had been placed in the front of the room, where the base unit has been installed initially.



Our verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable sound bar and still have your doubts about which one you should pick, perhaps it might be a good idea to give a chance to this one. After all, it comes with everything you might need from such an audio system.


Buy from Amazon for ($229.99)