VocoPro UG-9 U-series Wireless Guitar System Review

Most Apprecaited Wireless Guitar System from VocoPro


3.VocoPro UG-9 U-Series WirelessBenefits

This is one of the most affordable products in the line.

The model comes with 16 operating channels and a wide array of other attractive features.

The unit is small-sized and lightweight, unlike other systems in the same price range.

VocoPro UG-9 U-series wireless guitar system reviews recommend it for the value offered for the price.



The only complaint that we have come across during our research is related to the fact that the receiver runs on 10V DC. A buyer has emphasized that he or she has tried his or her best utilizing it with 9V DC and with 12V DC and it didn’t work. This is why he or she was forced to utilize a 3-ft cord with it, that’s thin and might not hold up well when it comes to gigs. Nevertheless, the same individual speaks highly of the ratio between the value and the price of the system, as it can be considered a bargain, perfect for small gigs and studio recordings.


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Benefits Explained

Price matters a whole deal to any customer, and guitar players are often confused about which model they should pick. Choosing an inexpensive unit under two hundred dollars sometimes seems suspicious, but the neat thing about this one is that it is actually well-made. Granted, it might not be the most high-end wireless digital system, but the VocoPro UG-9 U-Series manages to do a great job at what it is supposed to do and does so without ruining a person’s budget.

1.VocoPro UG-9 U-Series Wireless

One of the neat things about this unit is that it comes with 16 operating channels. This particular characteristic is known for allowing buyers to utilize multiple sets at the same time. Furthermore, dropouts are a thing of the past if you opt for this model, considering that the receiver design is capable of reducing them. The receiver can work both with a DC power adapter and with 2 AA batteries. The operating range of this model is up to 150-ft.


One of the major inconveniences of getting a wireless digital system is that it often doesn’t fit one’s pedal board. All things considered, it sure looks like this VocoPro one’s pretty lightweight, since it weighs in at only 2 lbs. Moreover, it measures just 12 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches, and is therefore on the smaller side compared to other systems on the market today.


If it weren’t for the customer reviews, a prospecting buyer wouldn’t know what to expect from a model. Most of the ratings of this model are positive, with people claiming that it is well-built and that it sounds great. Even the individuals who have experienced minor issues with this inexpensive system have gone through the effort of stating that it’s given them the bang for the buck.



If you’re looking for affordability, convenience and reliability all into a single product, you might want to check this one out. Multiple buyers have named it one of the best wireless guitar system from VocoPro, and with the features it has, we say it’s worth having a look at.


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