WD My Net AC Bridge Review


Most Reliable Wireless Ethernet Bridge from WD


2. WD My Net AC BridgeBenefits

Ideal for an entire range of uses, the WD My Net is the best AC bridge for the money.

The WD My Net AC Bridge is easy to set up so you can enjoy convenience when converting from wired to wireless.

Enjoy amazingly speedy performance on your home theater with this single device.

The WD My Net AC bridge reduces, if not totally eliminates, the clutter of wires in your home.

The AC bridge boasts the cutting edge Next Generation AC WiFi technology.



One of the WD My Net AC bridge reviews says the device comes with no documentation and no instructions on how to find that online. However, the information is readily available with some dedicated online search.


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Benefits Explained

The WD My Net AC bridge takes your home theater system several levels higher, making it the best wireless Ethernet bridge from Western Digital. It is engineered to convert up to four different Ethernet-enabled devices such as a game console, smart TV, media player and Blu-ray disc player for connectivity to the home network. The device also offers flawless, real-time streaming of games, shows, movies and plenty of others. It enables you to connect effortlessly to your home theater via a simple procedure.

1. WD My Net AC Bridge

The WD My Net AC bridge lets you go from wired to wireless via a painless push-button setup. It requires no software, saving you extra steps. Simply push the WPS button on the router and the bridge to engage automatic connection, bringing awesomely powerful Gigabit AC WiFi to the home theater.


Your Ethernet-enabled devices that include Blu-ray disc players, smart TVs, gaming consoles and DVRs get converted to exceptional, blazing fast WiFi speeds. This lets you stream three times faster compared to wireless-N. It also ensures more reliable coverage within the range of the AC bridge. For effortless conversion, the WD My Net AC bridge is simply unbeatable. In addition, with this AC bridge, there’s no need to upgrade the WiFi adapters of the legacy devices you already own. Just use the existing Gigabit ports of your favorite gadget and you can enjoy a theoretical speed close to 1 Gbps wirelessly for every device around the house. This is a huge improvement over the modest 2.4 GHz-based networks that can eke out about 300 Mbps maximum with existing network hardware.


Bringing optimum high-definition entertainment in your home, the WD My Net AC bridge eliminates network wiring conveniently, reducing cable clutter in your living space. You can connect the devices into the Gigabit ports on the back of the AC bridge so you won’t have too many network cables running throughout your home. Just sit back and enjoy the seamless HD streaming at AC WiFi speeds after successful setup. Additionally, you can convert computers, printers and network-connected storage devices including My Book Live for convenient and easy access and sharing throughout your wireless network.


The WD My Net AC bridge can be paired with an AC WiFi router such as the My Net AC HD Dual-band Router as well as other brands. It is also compatible with all dual-band routers to produce speeds as fast as the router on the home network. Make the most of your entertainment network with the Next Generation AC WiFi technology of the WD My Net AC bridge.



Converting your home theater setup from wired to wireless is easy with the WD My Net AC bridge, which boasts the next standard in WiFi speed. Engineered with Next Generation AC WiFi technology, the WD My Net AC bridge enables you to stream at a superbly speedy rate that’s 3x that of wireless-N. The device allows conversion of up to 4 Ethernet-enabled devices in your home network, enhancing your home entertainment experience.


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