What are the best AV receivers with preamp outputs

Are you shopping for the best AV receiver with preamp outputs, but so far, you’ve been out of luck? By reading this short paragraph, you will know exactly what model to spend money on, as our research team did all the heavy lifting for you, and discovered what model offers an excellent mix of performance and decent pricing. The Denon AVR-E400 is the unit you should be investing in, as it offers fantastic value for the price. The 7.1 channel setup ensures that you will get the best sound quality possible. The easy to use GUI allows you to setup your new AV receiver with great ease so that you can choose your preferences. Networking options must be mentioned, as in this day and age, everyone is connected. This unit works with Pandora, Spotify, and AirPlay. If the Denon AVR-E400 is no longer available, we highly recommend the Denon AVR-E300 that comes as a close second regarding features and reliability.



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Buying Guide


You don’t have to be an audiophile to aim for a theater-like experience in your home, with the help of an AV receiver with preamp outputs. Sound bars are alright if you want to give your home theater system a boost, but if you feel like they cannot deliver to the standard of sound quality and volume you desire, this type of AV receiver should be on your shopping list. Learn from the following buying guide all that you need for getting a decent model.



Preamp outputs for future expansion needs

Let’s talk a little about all the craze regarding preamp outputs and what they do. Finding an AV receiver with multiple channels is not difficult, but if you are interested in using surround sound formats that are the thing right now, you will either have to boost the number of channels or use a model with preamp outputs.

These will allow you to add more speakers, for more power, and for proper surround sound that will immerse you into the action on the screen, or make you feel like you are on the scene, singing along with your favorite artists.

Here is a little secret you may not be aware of; while AV receivers are touted as being the means to amplify sound and make it sound better, experts say that there is so little difference in the output they provide. That means that trying to count on sound quality most and foremost will quickly put you in a conundrum.

The quality of speakers matters more, in this regard. That is why the soundest advice you can receive is to focus on getting an AV receiver with preamp outputs and speakers that will live up to your expectations and your standards.


What basic connectivity should you consider?

Connectivity can be a sore point when choosing an AV receiver. If you only need to hook up your receiver with HDMI-enabled devices, everything is clear. After all, you will just need to make sure that the model you like has plenty of HDMI ports to go around. The single rule to follow is simple: the more, the merrier.

However, things may get a bit trickier when it comes to more varied connectivity. What should you need, besides HDMI ports? Legacy devices sporting other types of connectivity, such as component, composite, or s-video will need an AV receiver that is compatible with them.

For the latter type mentioned connectivity port, you also must make sure that video upconversion is possible, as well. Usually, you can find this kind of connectivity on mid-range and high-end models, so don’t be surprised if you have to shell out more money for a costlier product. One convenience offered is that your video inputs will be transformed into HDMI output, without having you switch the input on your TV along with the video source.


Wireless technologies supported

Another thing you should focus on when shopping for an AV receiver is what wireless technologies are supported. We live in a world freer and freer of wires, and any new device you consider buying should be able to fit into this world. Built-in support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirPlay, should be pretty much standard, or, otherwise, your AV receiver will be yesterday’s news.

But what’s the deal with wireless technologies and why are they important? Simply put, they allow your smartphone or tablet to load streaming apps like Pandora or Spotify and send the input to the receiver so that you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows, seamlessly, directly on your TV.

There are some issues to consider here, too. For instance, Bluetooth is known to lose sound quality over distances more than 30 feet, although its versatility and convenience are much praised. AirPlay is proprietary to Apple devices, while Google Cast brings novelties to the table, such as streaming multiple rooms and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.



Top AV receivers with preamp outputs in 2018


I have a dedicated home theater which I’m going to be upgrading. Right now, I am looking for the best AV receivers that have preamp outputs on the market. Looking through the most popular receivers reviews, I have gathered five of the best units. I considered the video connections and the HDMI functionality that I need as I was comparing these products with each other. It took me a long time to figure out which are perfect for my home theater but it is totally worth it.



Denon AVR-E400



The AVR-E400 produces powerful surround sound performance that has an advanced networking technology. Its network functionality feature can support internet radio services. This AV receiver has an impressive video processor that includes video-up conversion. You will find it easy to set-up because of its very simple interface.

This AV receiver is highly recommended in the most popular receivers reviews because of its amazing performance and affordable price.



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Denon AVR-E300



The Denon AVR-E300 has the ability to deliver 5.1 channels of powerful sound in a wide dynamic range, creating low distortion. You can easily set it up using its on-screen graphical display with simple icons and clear text.

It has a very convenient remote app that is available for iOS and Android, allowing you to control the settings comfortably. This is definitely the answer to the question, ‘what are the best AV receivers with preamp outputs?’



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Pioneer VSX-822-K



One of the best AV receivers in 2018 is the Pioneer VSX-822-K. It delivers amazing home theater performance that can bring you entertainment using smartphones and other mobile devices.

It is very compatible with Apple devices and it can seamlessly bring your media library whichever part of the house you want. You can stream music directly from iTunes and play it through your home entertainment system without using cables.



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Harman Kardon AVR 700



The Harman Kardon pumps through awesome sound. This AV receiver is designed for premium home theater experience. It can create surround sound experience while playing your high-def audio or video sources.

The HDMI technology with 3d features and the Audio Return Channel connections gives you a movie theater feeling as you watch your favorite films. It has an impressive audio decoding technology that produces the most realistic sound possible.



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Onkyo TX-SR313



What are the best AV receivers with preamp outputs? Well, the Onkyo TX-SR313 surely has the qualities of the best AV receiver. The addition of the WRAT feature or Wide Range Amplifier Technology makes it an excellent part of an affordable home theater system.

The tX-SR313 is a 5.1 Channel AVR that is packed with great features. It is very compact and stylish. What really sets the Onkyo apart from the other units is its sound.



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