What are the best smartphones with keyboards?


Top smartphones with keyboard in 2018


Millions of Americans are searching for powerful smartphones that can meet their technical demands and enjoy each moment of the portable experience. Fortunately, you can go through the most appreciated smartphones in 2018 and ultimately end up with a reliable model, capable of becoming your daily personal assistant. With attention and more importantly after consulting some of the latest technical reviews, you will be able to end up with a trust-worthy model.


Samsung Captivate Glide I927 smartphone


What are the best smartphones with keyboards?What are the best smartphones with keyboards? Well, according to recent statistics it seems you can use with trust Samsung Captivate Glide I927, a high quality smartphone designed for business people. This smartphone runs on Android operating system which makes action easier than ever. Furthermore the device features QWERTY keyboard, ideal for business men and women that text and email a lot. Furthermore the device incorporates 8 MP camera that allows users to take beautiful photos and record videos in HD. It has a Super AMOLED 4 inch display where images and videos are brilliantly perceived, even under direct sunlight.

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Nuu K1 smartphone


It is important to invest in a smartphone that can have an impact on your media life. So, according to the present best smartphones reviews it seems that you can use with confidence Nuu K1. This model features a precise slide out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, which is very easy to use, making every action easy. You should also know that the smartphone is fully compatible with Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4/4s. The keyboard present in this model has special command keys and function key symbols, which make the whole operation easy. One thing is certain: you will be able to get things done fast and with no interruptions.

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HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 smartphone


If you plan to buy a high quality smartphone designed to fully meet your portable entertainment then choose one from the top rated smartphones in 2018. So, according to the present user testimonials it seems you can opt for HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 smartphone, a model that can help people text, send email, view photos, take photos, record videos or even play games. This particular model features a 3 MP camera and incorporates A2DP, Calendar and Bluetooth system, for enhanced connectivity. It has a memory card slot, QWERTY keyboard, MP3, smartphone, touch screen, video clip and built-in WiFi system.

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Sprint HTC Evo Shift smartphone


What are the best smartphones with keyboards? There can be many answers to this question because thousands of people use different models. Still, more and more people use with confidence Sprint HTC Evo Shift smartphone that has an attractive design. This model runs on Sprint with 4G network, delivering simultaneous voice and precise data connectivity. The device delivers speeds by up to 10 times faster than 3G, which comes in handy at different times. It incorporates 5 MP camera which you can use to take photos and also record videos in 720p HD video resolution, worth sharing with friends.

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Samsung DoubleTime I857 smartphone


There are many smartphones available on the market which makes the selection process pretty difficult to handle. Now, you can use with confidence Samsung DoubleTime I857, fully compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile. This model incorporates TFT capacitive touchscreen and also a reliable secondary capacitive touchscreen with TouchWiz UI. I857 from Samsung includes 3.15 MP with an impressive 2048 x 1536 pixels and Autofocus. This camera gives you the possibility to take great photos and record videos. It runs on Android operating system and Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP. Furthermore the smartphones has 260MP and 256 MB RAM and also a microSD card slot which can be used to expand the memory by up to 32GB.

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