What Is the Best Convertible Car Seat for Infants?


Top convertible car seats for infants in 2017


A convertible car seat has multiple harnesses to secure a baby while in the car, for toddlers to get positioned facing front and for infants to face the rear. The most appreciated convertible car seats reviews describe features that allow buyers to decide on what product to buy. But what buyers particularly take note of is the capacity of those car seats, i.e., how much weight they can support. This proves to be a significant deciding factor, since not all car owners have same-size babies. Here are our suggestions for children who weigh from 5 pounds and upwards to 70 pounds at least.


Peg Perego Premium Convertible Car Seat


What Is the Best Convertible Car Seat for Infants?What makes this a worthy answer to the question “What is the best convertible car seat for infants?” is its many noteworthy features. The fabric it is constructed of is the leatherette type that does not become hot, so the infant stays comfortable during the car ride. Another feature is the shock and energy absorbent foam element that not only adjusts to a range of positions but also reduces stress on the child’s neck and shoulders in the event that a crash occurs. Versatility and safety bundled into one! It can hold children weighing from five to 45 pounds when facing the rear, and 22 to 70 pounds when made to face front.

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Safety 1st Elite Convertible Car Seat


Aside from the conventional dual modes of use (front facing for 22- to 50-pound babies and rear facing for five- to 35-pound toddlers), this product also has Booster Mode for extra heavy young car riders weighing between 40 to 100 pounds. That feature alone should land it among the top rated convertible car seats in 2017! And that’s not all. It has rotating arm rests for the child who needs more room at the sides. Harness height is easily adjustable using the 5-point Quick-Fit Harness system that activates from the front in a single quick motion.

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The First Years C680 Car Seat


Built to be a rear facing car seat for children weighing five to 35  pounds and a forward-facing car seat for those weighing 23 to 65 pounds, this product easily earns points in the most appreciated convertible car seats reviews.  It can grow with your baby as it capably holds growing-up weight in its roomy interior design. To help you install the seat correctly, the product has color codes on its  latch and lock offs so you do not have to do complicated guess work. It is built to be sturdy and safe, truly a great traveling companion for your baby on those car trips.

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The First Years C680 Car Seat


What is the best convertible car seat for infants? This could very well be the answer you need! It holds forward-facing babies weighing 23 to 65 pounds and rear facing riders weighing five to 35 pounds comfortably and safely. The contoured head rest has been engineered to facilitate better head control and side impact containment should there be a crash. Your child is ensconced in safety with the patented Rebound Energy Management system of this convertible car seat. This element is responsible for managing the rebound in crucial events like a crash, since it pays to be safe when travelling with your child.

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Evenflo Convertible Car Seat Tribute 5


This car seat has been tested for side impact, and has met and exceeded applicable side impact test standards of the company and of federal safety testing organizations. It has been geared to be structurally sound even at energy levels that are about twice those of federal crash testing standards. The material is 100% polyester, quite comfortable even for those long car rides for your baby. It has multi-point shoulder harness positions so you can find the best fit for your young rider. The adjustments can be made effortlessly for fuss-free lock and release.

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