What Is the Best Digital Camera with Viewfinders?


Most popular digital cameras with viewfinder in 2017


Finding a good digital camera can be a challenge, and the job is even more difficult when you have to go through a lot of the most appreciated digital cameras reviews that have come out on the web. When you have to choose between a point and shoot camera and one built with SLR capabilities, a digital SLR wins hands down because the idea of being able to replace lenses at your whimsy can be an attractive prospect. However, when a point-and-shoot camera has digital zoom capability,  this can somehow ease you into buying one. Here are your most likely choices.


Pentax Digital X-5 with Optical Zoom


What Is the Best Digital Camera with Viewfinders?The 26x optical zoom lens is this camera’s strongest selling point as it is especially large for a product in this particular category.  Although the optical quality is satisfactory, shooting high contrast scenes such as dark objects against a relatively very light background can result in chromatic aberrations in the quality of the pictures. That can be a minus point as far as the most appreciated  digital cameras reviews are concerned. But the great thing is that the zooming capability gets activated silently and really quickly, and this could easily  wipe out what is negative about this product.

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Fujifilm S8200 FinePix 16.2MP Digital Camera


This is  a  good shoo-in if you’re still grappling with What is the best digital camera with viewfinders. This machine packs a wallop with a patented lens, a Fujinon 40x optical zoom. That means digital zoom is attainable up to 80x at that range. You can even shoot a full movie in high definition quality, inclusive of slow-motion capture and stereo sound. That can be pretty impressive with 16.2 million effective pixels at your disposal and a 1/2.3 inch image sensor of BSI-CMOS type. The extra wide aperture and telephoto capability make this a great choice for your photo-taking needs.

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Panasonic Lumix Camera with  Optical Zoom


This is, first and foremost, a pocket camera so don’t go expecting to get studio-quality photos that look like they’ve been taken by a professional photographer. The slim frame houses the 10x optical zoom mechanism, which means you can zoom in but only up to a point. The LEICA DC lens system onboard is of high quality for a product in this class, which is even more versatile when taken with its wide-angle 25 mm aperture. This camera works hard to produce sharp and vivid images even when your hands shake as you take photos. The MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer makes that possible.

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GE X500-BK Optical Zoom Digital Camera


Worthy of its inclusion among top rated digital cameras in 2017, this is a 16 megapixel digital camera built with 15x optical zoom. Thanks to optical image stabilization, you need not worry about blurry images when your hands shake while you are taking photos. It is nothing like a compact camera, so it is easy to figure out how to work this camera. You can play around and discover the premium settings that work for you. This camera has 20 different presets so you can have a variety of choices to come out with a perfect photo every time.

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Canon A1400 PowerShot Digital Camera


Enjoy the way this baby answers the question What is the best digital camera with viewfinders.  The angle monitor has been geared for wide viewing, and this feature works nicely with the 2.7-inch LCD with TFT color. It has the exclusive DIGIC 4 image processor built for exceptionally precise performance. The 28mm wide angle lens works hard together with the 5x optical zoom to give you surprisingly vivid images that can stun you with clarity and detail. There is even a dedicated movie button so you can go on and shoot high definition videos of 720p resolution quality.

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