What is the best mountain bike for kids?


Top rated kid’s mountain bikes in 2018


Today, more and more people love to ride on different mountain trails, without having to worry about technical restrictions. To this end we are not surprised to see the growing interest for great mountain bikes, designed with attention in order to enhance the riding experience. Going through the most appreciated mountain bikes in 2018 represents the quickest way to find and use a great model that will not disappoint you. Every step of the way becomes smoother and more challenging!


Diamondback Bicycles Lustre mountain bike


What is the best mountain bike for kids?Are you looking for a great mountain bike, suited to your daily riding personality? If you are then read detailed best mountain bikes reviews and fully understand why thousands of people use Lustre from Diamondback Bicycles, a model which can be used with confidence on any road. The bike has a 20” aluminum frame which is lightweight and easy to control. This model has 20” wheels, alloy frame, 6 set of speeds, alloy rims and also suspension fork. You will be able to ride with pleasure anytime you feel like it. It is the perfect mountain bike for children!

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Pacific Boy’s Chromium Mountain bike


In the present you have the possibility to use one of the current top rated mountain bikes in 2018 from Pacific: Boy’s Chromium, a model which is currently used by thousands of young boys in the US. This mountain bike has a steel suspension frame which safely maximizes riding performance and comfort, irrespective of the terrain. You should also know that the bike from Pacific has suspension forks which safely smooth bumps and gives you greater control over the bike. You should also know that the bike comes with 6 speed torque drive twist shifter and advanced rear derailleur, which gives you fast shifting response.

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Schwinn Boy’s High Timber mountain bike


What is the best mountain bike for kids? Well, according to recent statistics it seems that you choose for your child Schwinn Boy’s High Timber, a bike which gives tight control over each phase of the ride. It features a steel frame which accurately maximizes comfort and riding performance, each step of the ride. Furthermore the bike comes with a SR Suntour Suspension fork that manages to smooth any recurrent bumps and enhance control. With tight control over the riding experience you will be able pedal faster than ever. It features 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters.

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HASA 21 Speed Kids mountain bike


Are you looking for a great bike for your child? If you are then HASA 21 Speed Kids mountain bike is a great choice. This bike was designed with attention in order to suit children from 9 to 12 years, bent on enhancing the whole riding experience. It has a sturdy HASA aluminium Alloy 6061 and a HL CH-306 24” suspension fork that maintains the ride smooth and under your strict control. This beautiful bike from Hasa includes LUJIN LJ-ATB-02 Aluminum alloy with B/Bore of 25.4 mm handlebars and also Shimano SL-RS31 3 speed shifters on the left and 7 speed control on the rear.

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Diamondback Bicycles Junior mountain Cobra


What is the best mountain bike for kids? There are many options out there and for this reason it can be pretty difficult to find the ideal one. Now, you have the possibility to choose Diamondback Bicycles junior Cobra mountain bike, a model that will delight the little one every step of the way. It has a 20” Hi-Ten MTB frame for enhanced durability and also a Trail XC 30 mm travel front fork that can smooth bumps with ease. Furthermore the mountain bike comes with 20” alloy wheels which allows the child to keep up with more experienced riders, irrespective of the road conditions.

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