What Is the Best Steam Mop


How to Select the One of the Best Steam Mops on the Market


Keeping your floors clean is easy with a steam mop, but finding the right one can be confusing. When you are trying to decide what is the best steam mops  there are some factors to consider, and the tips included in this buying guide can help you make an informed decision.

What is the best steam mop

Tank Size

One of the first aspects to consider is the size of the tank. You want the tank to be able to hold enough water to clean the entire floor, without having to stop and constantly refill. Your budget will also help determine the size of the tank, with larger ones often priced slightly higher.


Mop Head

The design of the mop head is also important, along with its covering. Triangular shaped heads are ideal for cleaning in corners, and along edges. Mop heads with micro fiber coverings are gentle enough to use on wood floors, and extremely efficient at trapping dirt. These covers are also easy to clean.



Some of additional features to look for include convenient carpet gliders, along with a fast heating time. Adjustable triggers let you control the amount of stream sprayed, and extra tank filters can prevent damaging build up due to hard water.


What Are the Most Reliable Steam Mops in 2017


While we can’t choose the right cleaning tool for you, we can show you some of the best steam mops. Designed to be easy to use and effective, maybe one of these models will be able to answer your question of “what is the best steam mop“.


Bissell 1940A Steam Mop


What Is the Best Steam MopThis powerful steam mop is perfect for cleaning up tough sticky messes. You will love the lightweight construction and the large removable water tank. Simply fill the tank at the sink, and have plenty of water to steam clean your floors without having to stop and refill. The extended power cord also ensures that you can freely move around, and the trigger control lets you adjust the amount of steam as needed. With this steam mop it has never been so easy to keep your floors clean.

The mop head is designed to fit easily into corners and along edges, and you will love being able to flip down the convenient scrubbing strip when you are tackling sticky messes. The sturdy bristles will power away stubborn dirt, and it can even clean between the crevices. Along with being able to effectively clean your floors, this steam mop can also leave your house with a fresh scent. The included scented discs simply slid into the convenient pocket, and leave your home smelling fresh and clean when you are finished.

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Shark S3601D Steam Mop


2.Shark S3601DOne of the advantages of this steam mop is its innovative design. This steam mop will not only clean your hard floors, it will also remove up to 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria without the use of any chemicals. Safe to use around children and pets, you will love how clean and sanitized your home feels after using this steam mop.

The lightweight construction is easy to handle, and you also have the advantage of the included mop heads. The longer rectangular head is perfect for cleaning larger areas, while the triangular shaped one fits easily into corners and along edges. The mop heads are also easy to switch out, and you will also appreciate the soft microfiber covering. With three steam settings for different tasks and a fast 30 second heat up time, it is easy to see why this steam mop is popular with consumers.

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SteamFast SF-142 Steam Mop


3.SteamFast SF-142This steam mop is designed to be easy and convenient to use on all types of flooring. The soft micro fabric pad is gentle and effective on hard floors, and the attachable carpet glider lets you steam clean low pile carpeting. The steam mop also features a comfortable lightweight construction, and is designed to continuously release steam for a more efficient cleaning. This also makes the steam mop easier and more convenient to use.

The steam mop is simple to use, and the foot operated power switch is conveniently located at the base. Simply run the mop over your floors to effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains, without the use of harmful chemicals. The adjustable handle makes it easy to get under furniture and in other hard to reach places, and you also have the advantage of the fast heating time. Designed for hard floors and low pile carpeting, you will love the ease and convenience you get with this versatile steam mop.

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