What to Look for When Buying a New Electric Broom

When you need to quickly clean dirt and debris off of your hard floors or low pile carpeting, an electric broom can be a convenient option. Similar in design to an upright vacuum, but without rollers and beaters, an electric sweeper is lightweight and easy to use. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to choose the best electric broom to keep your floors spotlessly clean.


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How to choose an electric broom

There are several electric brooms to choose from, though almost all are lightweight and convenient to use. Some of the advantages associated with an electric sweeper include its maneuverable design which makes it easy to clean tight and hard to reach places. Electric brooms are also ideal for use on hard flooring, and many can also be used to vacuum dust and dirt off of upholstery and drapes. To ensure you choose the right electric broom for your cleaning needs here are a few aspects that you should consider.



Most electric brooms come with a head that is capable of cleaning a 10 inch path through dirt and debris, but there are models that are smaller or larger. It should be noted that in most cases you won’t be able to find an electric broom with a head as large as those normally found on a traditional upright sweeper, but these vacuums also were not intended to be used to clean entire full size rooms.



One of the main advantages associated with electric brooms is how easy it is to maneuver it around corners and in tight spaces. Heads that can swivel allow you to easily sweep underneath and around furniture, without having to take the time to stop and move items out of the way. A stick vacuum is also ideal for quickly sweeping messes out of small closets, pantries, and other confined spaces. Even though these vacuums are easy to maneuver, you might still want to consider one with a bumper guard to help protect wall edges and furniture legs from being scratched while you are sweeping.


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Since electric brooms are generally designed to sweep hard floors all come with a brush system. This allows the sweeper to move across your hard flooring without leaving any marks or scratches. Models with a brush system that can be turned off also let you vacuum small messes off of carpeted floors, though some are only recommended for use on lower pile rugs. Most of the well rated models list the areas it is able to clean in the product description so you can be assured that it will meet your vacuuming needs.



Even though electric brooms are not meant to be used for longer cleaning sessions, you still want it to be comfortable and convenient to use. Models with telescopic handles let you sweep without causing back pain, and can also get into hard to reach places and underneath furniture quickly and easily. The handle should also be comfortable to grip, and many include soft padding. Some electric brooms come with an ergonomically designed handle to ensure maximum comfort while you are cleaning.



Electric brooms that are cordless should include a long lasting battery, along with a convenient charging station. This ensures that the sweeper is ready to go whenever there is a mess on your floor that you need to quickly clean up. Corded electric sweepers are also easy and convenient to use, though your movements can be limited. You want to make sure that the cord is long enough for you to easily move around the room, and ones that automatically retract are always appreciated. Most experts recommended choosing a model with a 20 foot or longer electrical cord.


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Electric brooms can come with the same convenient attachments as the full size models, though your budget will determine which ones are included. A hose can give you the extended reach you need to clean higher places, and provide a place to connect the attachments. Dust brushes are ideal for hard surfaces and draperies, while a crevice tool can effectively sweep crumbs and dirt that are often found lodged behind and between seat cushions. There are also models that come with an upholstery tool which is a convenient extra is you are constantly sweeping crumbs and pet hair off of your furniture.



An electric broom is a convenient tool that can help keep your floors looking like new. Easy to use and lightweight, it might be exactly what you need to keep up with the small messes that seem to continually show up on your hard and carpeted floors.