What to Look for When Buying a New Laser Distance Measurer

Laser distance measurers are a convenient and accurate tool, and there are several models to choose from. Using the amount of time it takes for the laser light to bounce off of an object and return, these devices can give you amazingly accurate measurements. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to confidently choose the right laser distance measurer to meet your needs.


Laser Distance Measurer


How to choose a laser distance measurer

There are several aspects to consider before you choose a laser distance measurer. Not only do you need it to be accurate, you also want it to be easy and convenient to use. Here are some of the factors that should be considered before you make your final decision.



One of the most important aspects to consider is the range of the device. If it is not capable of measuring the distances required, it could turn out to be an expensive mistake. Most lower priced models are capable of measuring up to 150 feet, which is ideal for smaller size rooms. While some higher priced models can offer a range up to 1000 feet, these are generally only used by professionals who need the impressive measurements to complete their project.



How accurate the laser distance measurer is will often depend on your budget. Most of the top rated models are capable of providing you with measurements that are accurate up to 1/16 of an inch, which is generally not a problem for most consumers. Professionals might want to consider one that is accurate up to 1mm, but it should be noted that these measuring devices can be priced significantly higher.



You definitely want to choose a laser distance measurer that comes with a durable construction. Not only do you not want to waste your money on an inferior product that is prone to damage or breaking, it can also make your measurements inaccurate. One factor to consider is the device’s IP rating which determines how resistant it is to dust and water damage. Most experts recommend choosing a laser distance measurer with an IP certification of 54 or higher. Your budget and where the device will be used will also help determine the IP rating.



If you can’t easily read the display, the laser measurer can be difficult and inconvenient to use. While you can pay extra for a full color display, most consumers are fine with a brightly lit screen. This makes it easier to read the measurements in low and direct sunlight.


Laser Distance Measurer 2



This is generally a matter of personal preference and what will work best in your situation. Laser distance measurers with rechargeable batteries can save you money on replacement costs, but the waiting time can be inconvenient. Models that use disposable batteries are always ready to go, and you can always carry a spare with you to ensure that you never run out of power.


Measuring Capabilities

Along with accuracy, you also want the device to be able to display the measurements that you need. Not only do you want it to measure the minimum and maximum length and area, but you might also want to consider whether you need accurate readings for volume. Some models can even use Pythagorean formulas to give you indirect measurements.



There are several convenient accessories that can be included with a laser distance measurer, and these will often be determined by your budget and immediate needs. Carrying cases are always convenient and can help protect the sensitive device from damage, along with making it easier to transport it with the rest of your gear. Protective glasses can prevent accidental damage to your eyes from the laser light, and a tripod can provide you with extremely accurate long distance measurements. Some devices also come with a convenient remote control, but this is usually only included with higher priced models.


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Additional Features

Most laser distance measuring devices do come with enough memory to keep track of the last 20 readings, but this can be expanded on some of the higher priced models. Other more expensive models can also include a camera so you can use the corresponding photos as a convenient reference point. If others need to see the readings in a timely manner, there are also models that offer Bluetooth connectivity so you can immediately share the readings on a computer or smart phone.



With the tips included in this buying guide you will find it easier to choose the right laser distance measurer to fit your needs.