What to Look for When Buying a New OLED TV

Organic light emitting diode or OLED as it is commonly known has been around for a few years. The technology allows for an ultra slim screen that can be as thin as 0.97mm. While there have been a few issues with the technology in the past there are a few top rated manufacturers that seem to have resolved any problems. Capable of producing amazing picture quality in a thinner and lighter design than LCD models, many consumers are taking notice of the new OLED TVs. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to choose a high performance OLED TV.

While the screen size will depend on the room, and your budget, there are a few other factors to consider before you choose an OLED TV.





One of the first aspects to consider is the screen, and this does not only refer to its size. While you probably want to choose the largest screen that will fit your budget and the size of the room, you also need to decide if you want one that is flat or curved. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages that can affect your viewing experience.


Curved Screens

While curved screens were considered a passing fad a few years ago, it is now being considered the next “big thing”. Some smart phones now offer models with a curved screen that it thought to be able to enhance your overall viewing experience. While you do enjoy less loss of detail with a curved screen, it might not be the best choice for watching TV with multiple viewers. The smaller sweet spot can make it difficult for everyone to truly enjoy the OLED experience. Another disadvantage of a curved OLED screen is that it can be almost impossible to mount on a wall.


Flat Screens

There are several advantages to a flat screen OLED TV that include its ability to be easily mounted on a wall or stand. Flat screens are generally priced lower, and are available in several sizes giving consumers more options. While you do lose out on feeling like you are immersed in the screen, these models do have the advantage of a larger sweet spot make it possible to see images clearly from almost any corner of the room. If you plan on watching television with several people, a flat screen OLED TV might be the best option for you.


Bendable Screens

While these screens are priced significantly higher than any of the other models, for some consumers it is well worth the extra cost. Bendable OLED TVs have the ability to switch between flat and curved screens so you get the advantages of both types. Even though there currently aren’t a lot of models to choose from it is an option to consider, especially if you are setting up a home theater system.




4K Content

To keep up with changing technology manufacturers are also introducing OLED TVs with 4K. Able to display incredible detail, inky black and vivid colors, these higher priced models can give you an amazing viewing experience. It should be noted that OLED TVs without 4K are still able to provide a sharper and clearer image than most LCD TVs.


Benefits of OLED TVs

Even though most OLED TVs are still priced higher than other models, the amazing detail and picture clarity are often worth the extra costs for some consumers. The thinner and lighter screen is generally preferred over bulkier models, and it can also improve your viewing experience. Some of the other benefits of OLED TVs can include

Color Rendition: OLED TVs are capable of producing richer and deeper colors since each pixel contains all of the elements necessary to accurately produce every color in the spectrum.

Contrast: Since the individual pixels are capable of producing every color in the spectrum blacks are darker and deeper, especially since 1080p resolution is standard on these models.

Uniformity and Viewing Angle: Since OLED TVs do not have backlighting and each pixel is individually lit, it is capable of producing a uniform and even picture. This also ensures that the picture quality remains the same from any viewing angle.



While LCD TVs might be priced lower, the new OLED models are capable of providing a sharper and better quality picture. As the technology continues to improve, OLED TVs will also become more affordable. If you want to experience amazing picture quality that is uniform from any viewing angle and see your images in “true life” color an OLED TV might be exactly what you are looking for.