What to Look for When Buying a New Recliner

Some of the most popular chairs are recliners, but finding the right one can be difficult. There are several types and styles to choose from, and the prices can vary dramatically from model to model. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the perfect recliner to relax in.






There are three main types of recliners to choose from and each has its own advantages.

Two position recliners: These traditional style recliners have been a popular choice with consumers for over 100 years. It is capable of two positions, upright and reclining and is generally designed to be functional, comfortable, and easy to use. A lever or handle reclines the chair back when you want to relax, and it can commonly be found in larger rooms. Two position recliners generally require at least three feet of space between its back and the wall.

Wall saver recliners: With the idea of “smaller” living growing in popularity, these space saving chairs are becoming more common. A wall saver recliner generally only needs a few inches of space to fully lie back, and it is not uncommon for these chairs to also come with a rocking function. Perfect for efficiency apartments, lofts, dorm rooms and “tiny” houses, you can also find wall saver recliners in a variety of styles and colors to match almost any décor.

Push back recliners: These newer style recliners are popular in rooms with a contemporary design. The lack of a lever or button gives the chair a sleeker, more streamlined look that blends in well with other modern style furnishings. This also makes it a great addition in a home theater or small den. The chair reclines when pressure is applied to the back of the chair, instead of pushing a button or pulling on a lever. It should be noted that these reclining chairs are often priced slightly higher than other models due to its sleek and contemporary style.



One of the most important aspects to consider is the materials used in construction, since this will determine the chair’s durability and comfort. There are several factors to consider when you are looking at the upholstery that include its look and feel, along with how easy it is to maintain. The material should also be durable, and fit your budget.

Leather: Leather upholstery is often priced slightly higher, but it can be soft and supple if it is high quality. Leather is also resistant to fire, but it can be difficult to maintain. Some material can also crack and fade when exposed to direct sunlight which should be considered if you plan on placing the recliner by a window.

Cotton: While cotton upholstery can wrinkle easily, it is cost effective, absorbent, and easy to care for. Cotton fabrics are also available in a range of patterns and colors to fit almost any decorating scheme. Cotton is also comfortable against your skin, and less likely to cause any irritations.

Polyester: While the artificial feel of some polyester upholsteries can be slightly irritating, it is extremely durable and easy to care for. Most polyester fabrics are also resistant to staining, and less likely to fade or experience “pulling” due to frequent cleaning. Families with small children might want to consider a recliner covered in a blended polyester upholstery.


Recliner Polyester


Acrylic: Recliners upholstered in acrylic fabric are not as common as other styles, but it can be an excellent substitute for wool. It has the same look and feel as wool material, but is easier to care for and less likely to fade. Acrylic is also less costly than recliners upholstered in wool.

Wool: Warm, comfortable, and perfect for colder climates, wool upholstery can also be difficult to care for. It is also prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight, which can be a concern if you’d plan to place the recliner in a bright room.



When you are purchasing a new recliner it is important to make sure that it will fit in the space allotted for it, and that the chair blends in with the rest of the room. You also want it to be easy and convenient to use, along with being comfortable and supportive. Who will be using the chair is another important consideration and will determine how it reclines. With the tips included in this buying guide you will be able to confidently choose the perfect recliner for your home or office.