Worx GT WG151 Edger Review


How to Choose the Best Lawn Edger from Worx


1.2 WORXGTWG15118Benefits

This model can convert into a walk-behind edger and the other way around.

The spacer guard of this one is adjustable.

WOEX is among the most reputable brands out there.

Worx GT WG151 edger reviews recommend this edger as one of the top ones on the current market.

The unit is easy to use, lightweight and powerful and comes with an impressive battery.


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Only a couple of buyers have pointed out that they have had some issues with the battery. However, the WORX customer support is known for solving the problems customers might encounter in a timely manner, which is why those particular batteries ended up being replaced by the manufacturing company.

For other buyers, the problem seemed to be of a different nature. It appears that some people don’t go through the description of the product attentively and risk getting this trimmer instead of a weed wacker.


Benefits Explained

As stated both by the manufacturers and by some of the customers who have purchased the item, the product is capable of turning into a walk-behind edger. Furthermore, there really is no stopping to this WORX device, as it comes with a lithium-ion battery that charges quickly. The entire unit can last up to 3 times more than the batteries of other models out there.


The Worx GT WG151 comes with an adjustable spacer guard. What does this mean for you? It doesn’t make that much of a difference for the actual users, but it means quite a lot for their garden furniture, plants and flowers, as they won’t be suffering any damage while people are doing your trimming.


WOEX is indeed one of the most well-known edger manufacturers on the current market. The company makes a whole deal of treating its customers with respect and consideration, which is why people continue to buy their products. Warranty information is transparent, as is the case with money-back guarantees.


Let’s see what customers had to say about this device. There are more than 125 positive reviews available on Amazon alone, with buyers praising the speed and performance of this model. Most individuals are impressed by how clean the entire trimming process can be with the help of this model, compared to any gas or oil-powered units.


Although there have been some concerns regarding the lifetime of the battery, most customers claim they’ve encountered no issues in this area. It is recommended that you charge the battery for a minimum of 8 hours whenever you feel like starting to use the edger. Lithium-ion batteries are known to have a rather limited lifetime, but if you want your edger to work continuously, just get a corded variant. Yet the last isn’t portable.



This is probably the best cordless electric lawn edger, as confirmed by many buyers worldwide. If you are still having doubts about getting it, just ask around and do your research, and then you won’t be sorry for purchasing the best lawn edger from Worx.


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