Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Speakers Review


Most Appreciated Ceiling Speakers from Yamaha


2. Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Easy-to-install SpeakersBenefits

This model rocks as one of the best ceiling speakers from Yamaha due to the easy installation design.

The tilting woofer and swivel tweeters allow you to position the delivery of audio to your exact preference.

The aluminum grille on the speaker can be painted to match the setting.

The power handling of this speaker is remarkable.

The speakers in the set work together to provide a greatly enhanced listening experience.



One of the Yamaha In-Ceiling natural sound custom speakers reviews says the speaker can’t be installed any other way but on the ceiling, as the description “in-ceiling” mount had been missed prior to the purchase.


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Benefits Explained

The Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Speakers are versatile and easy to install. Each speaker boasts do-it-yourself installation that requires a minimal number of basic tools, making them perfect for users who do not have plenty of professional skills to begin with. The Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Speakers do not come with a complicated setup process. Instead, the speakers enable you to unbox them and install them immediately into a prepared space on your ceiling, giving you the opportunity to turn your home audio into an authentic surround sound experience.

1. Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Easy-to-install Speakers

This natural sound in-ceiling speaker system features a swivel tweeter that can be positioned for optimal audio dispersion. The tweeter offers SoundMax technology that ensures maximum audio delivery with awesome clarity. The tilted woofer design enables you to aim the direction of the sound where you want. The 6.5-inch Polypropylene mica cone woofers are designed for high performance and mid-low sound delivery. The dual voice coil woofer works superbly with the swivel tweeter to ensure stereo input for small spaces. The moisture-resistant woofer enables placement in saunas, bathrooms, spas, covered porches, etc.


The frame and grille can be painted to match the setup environment. The speakers have a unique design that lets you put them up and forget they’re even there. The aluminum grille is resistant to corrosion. A protective cover for the grille keeps the components shielded at all times. If you want the best 3-way speakers, the Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Speakers should be on top of your shopping list.


Thanks to the 100-watt maximum input capability, the Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Speakers maximize power use with exceptional delivery of audio. The extraordinary crossover design ensures optimum dispersion of sound. The tweeters create sizzling highs up to 28 kHz, for a wide frequency range that starts at 65 Hz.


The speakers have a sensitivity rating of 85 decibels, ensuring more than enough volume that helps you enjoy every thump and beat. Be captivated by the amazing sound and clarity. Simply press the edge of the tweeter to direct high-frequency sound toward the entertainment area. You can also rotate the enclosure for the speaker, as it has a 12-degree pre-tilted construction.



The Yamaha In-Ceiling Natural Sound Custom Speakers offer an awesome sound experience unlike any other. The tweeter can be adjusted to find optimal sound dispersion. The woofer can be tilted to the direction you prefer. The speakers have a set-and-forget design via their flush installation. Be captivated with the exceptional stereo system you can enjoy with this product.


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