Yamaha Natural Sound In-ceiling Speaker Review


Most Appreciated Ceiling Speakers from Yamaha


2. Yamaha Natural Sound In-ceiling


These are certainly the best ceiling speakers from Yamaha thanks to their ability to produce natural high-performance sound.

The speakers in the set are geared with 8-inch PP Mica Cone Woofers along with a one-inch soft dome tweeter.

The compact and concealed design makes for a neat and clutter-free audio listening system.

The wide frequency range and low frequency limit ensure good bass performance.

The high sensitivity/efficiency ratio enables the speakers to play loud sound without straining the amplifier.



One of the Yamaha Natural Sound in-ceiling speaker reviews says the supplied faceplate or grill doesn’t provide an exact fit.


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Main features explained


You can end your search for the best 120 watts speakers by getting the Yamaha In-Ceiling Flush Mount Speaker. The four speakers in the set are excellent for small halls, basements and large rooms. The speakers provide excellent bass performance to easily outperform any other pricier models and brands. The speakers deliver all the highs, lows and mids effortlessly. The speakers also create great highs with their wide frequency range of 45 hertz to 24 kHz.

1. Yamaha Natural Sound In-ceiling

The Yamaha In-Ceiling Flush Mount Speaker produces exceptional sound quality via the 8-inch Mica core woofer and 1-inch soft dome tweeter. The shrill sounds are impressively brought out via the tweeter. Your audio system or home entertainment system will become spectacular with these speakers. They help you build up an awesome sound system that is sure to impress guests and family alike. The sound is consistently crystal clear.


Each of the speakers is pretty easy to install, without requiring professional help. They go flush into the wall or the ceiling, with aluminum grills that you can paint over to match the color of your installation surface, for effortless blending into the room environment. Your guests will surely appreciate the exceptional sound issuing from these speakers and will be amazed by how the speakers become one with the setting.


The speakers produce lower frequency sounds with low pitch, for awesome bass performance. Enjoy the boom every time in your favorite music with the incredible bass production you can expect from the Yamaha In-Ceiling Flush Mount Speaker. Each of the four speakers in the set is precisely engineered to allow you to enjoy a range of sounds including the low pitch bass that throbs with every beat every time. Get full-bodied listening pleasure when you have your sounds delivered through the powerful speakers in the set.


Without stressing the amplifier too much, the Yamaha In-Ceiling Flush Mount Speaker comes with an impedance of 6 Ohms plus sensitivity rating of 88 dBA. This means remarkable power handling with 120-watt amplification for superbly loud sound. Using that audio power effectively, the speaker can produce sound at amazing levels without stressing out your amplifier. That’s immersive sound when enjoying your music or movies.



If you want an affordable, practical yet high-performance means of enjoying music and movies, the Yamaha In-Ceiling Flush Mount Speaker is powerfully engineered to deliver that and more. With the speakers that come in the set, you can enjoy crystal clear sound with the highs, lows and mids amply reproduced. The Yamaha In-Ceiling Flush Mount Speaker installs easily, offering a streamlined design that eliminates the clutter of wires. Optimize your home entertainment or PA system by installing these speakers.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($244.95)