Yamaha YAS-105 Review

1.1 Yamaha YAS-105



Excellent audio and performance

The Yamaha YAS-105 is one of the most technologically advanced products in the line. We’ve encountered many that are similar, but very few have the ability to meet and even exceed the expectations of audiophiles. Fortunately, thanks to its amazing features, this system does just that. The model includes Air Surround Xtreme, a unique virtual surround technology developed by the manufacturing brand, which manages to reproduce unparalleled surround sound without the need for multiple speakers. Since it features dual built-in subwoofers, it goes without saying that the Yamaha YAS-105 can satisfy the needs of even the pickiest bass aficionados.


Easy to setup and use

All you need in order to install this product is just one cable. The optical connection is provided in the package, which is a clear advantage considering that otherwise, buyers would have been forced to spend some dollars on purchasing the cable separately. The system is entirely compatible with a wide array of TVs, even though it works best when being paired with other Yamaha sound electronics.


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Offers all the advantages of wireless streaming

While many sound bars nowadays include the advantage provided by wireless connectivity, few can do it as well as the Yamaha YAS-105. For one, users have the freedom to control the base unit using their smartphone or mobile device of their choice as the Home Theater Controller app is free for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app is remarkably versatile considering that it allows owners to select various functions and perform different operations, such as adjusting the sound and turning the Clear Voice and Bass Extension settings on and off. The five integrated surround modes of the sound bar can also be selected using the formerly mentioned app. Moreover, the model comes with Bluetooth standby mode that makes it possible for the unit to save energy if the user forgets to turn it off.

1.3 Yamaha YAS-105

The best option for the hearing impaired

The Yamaha YAS-105 has all the features one might ever ask for from a product in the category. It’s easy to install and even offers a learning feature that lets people use the same remote control both for the TV and the sound bar. The really neat thing about the unit, however, is that it is highly recommended for the hearing impaired. Why’s that? The technology in this sound device makes it possible for the users to hear the dialogue of movies as easily as possible, because the Yamaha YAS-105 brings out voices louder. Even though it does not allow buyers to customize the voice volume independently, we’ve noticed that many reviewers claim that the device increases the volume of voices all by itself.




Some people seem to need an even higher volume when playing music.



Our verdict

While it might not be the most affordable sound bar system, the Yamaha YAS-105 is certainly hard to say no to. It’s easy to install and utilize and works with virtually any TV you might be the owner of. In addition, it can be mounted on the wall of your choice and features a slim design. Furthermore, it allows owners to stream music and media content of any kind from their mobile devices.


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