Yamaha YAS-203 Review

1.1 Yamaha YAS-203



The best option for large TVs

The Yamaha YAS-203 is one of the most technologically advanced products in the line. This is a 7.1-channel alternative that does what it’s supposed to do and does it as good as possible. Since its length is 34.9 inches and power output is 200W, the YAS-203 is recommended for 40-inch or larger TVs. In a nutshell, thanks to its features and specs, this sound bar system can take your audio experience to a whole new level, by allowing you to finally hear what the people in movies are saying. You don’t need a home theater system for all this. All you need is the YAS-203.


Take advantage of your Wireless connectivity

This model comes with a separate wireless subwoofer. Some of the connectivity you’ll have to perform after having received the sound bar at your home is wired, even though for the most part, the installation process is cable-free. Thanks to the Bluetooth in this device, users now have the freedom to stream music via their mobile devices.


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Easy to set up and place

The wireless powered subwoofer of this option makes it possible for audiophiles to experience as deep and smooth bass as they’ve always wished for. The end-user can place the subwoofer in complete accordance with his or her personal preferences, depending on whether he prefers hearing the bass from the left, the right, or from behind. The system gives a lot of freedom to buyers, as it is to be expected from a sound bar, in general. The base unit can be placed in front of most of the TVs that are now available in the market today.


1.2 Yamaha YAS-203


Excellent virtual surround sound

Yamaha is a brand well-known for the technological advancements it is constantly working at. That’s why the company has developed the exclusive Air Surround Xtreme, which is an innovative product that has been incorporated in the YAS-203. What this piece of technology does is amplify the richness of the sounds heard by the people in the room where the sound bar is installed. What’s more, the unit offers clear dialogue in the front and provides the sound effects of movies and other media content files in the back.


Free Home Theater Controller app

If you’re tech-savvy, you’re probably the owner of a smartphone such as an iOS or Android device. Perhaps you own a tablet or some other smart device that you might utilize in order to stream content via the sound bar. Fortunately, Yamaha was way ahead of prospective buyers when it designed the Home Theater Controller app that can be downloaded for free both on Google Play and the App Store. Aside from playing music per se, any user can customize the sound bar modes and perform any sound adjustments via his or her mobile phone.




Stereo and surround modes don’t sound very different, based on what some reviewers are saying.



Our verdict

If you’re looking for a high-end sound bar that comes with its own wireless subwoofer and allows you to take advantage of the wireless connectivity you may have in your home, the YAS-203 might be worth a try. It’s convenient, versatile, and capable of excellent performance, which is why we recommend it to audiophiles and cinephiles, as well.


Buy from Amazon for ($449.95)